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So Many Different Types of Blinds..

Windows are great for letting light in, but sometimes, you want to keep the light out. Enhance your level of privacy and safety at home by adding the fresh look of blinds, shades or shutters to your window treatments. Blinds and shades give you control over the amount of light in a room and also […]

History of The Wood Blind

“…the newest invented Venetian Sun Blinds for Windows, on the best principles, stain’d to any colour, moves to any position, so as to give different lights, screens from the scorching rays of the sun, draws a cool air in hot weather, draws up as a curtain, and prevent being overlooked, and is the greatest preserver […]

Andover, New Hampshire

Andover, NH

Andover  The population was 2,371 at the 2010 census. Settled in 1761, the town was originally named “Emerisstown”. In 1746 it was granted to Edward Brown and others as “New Breton” or “New Britton”, having been granted primarily to soldiers who had taken part in the 1745 capture of Cape Breton during hostilities with the […]

New London, New Hampshire

New London, NH town Offices

New London  The population was 4,397 at the 2010 census. New London, NH town Offices In 1753, the Masonian Proprietors of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, granted the area now called New London as “Heidelberg”.  Although it appears on some New Hampshire maps, the township was never settled, and the 1753 grant lapsed into default.   In […]

Blinds or Shades?

There are essentially two types of window treatments, although they are available in many of styles and with a host of options. Blinds are know as “hard” window treatments with slats, louvers or vanes that can be made of wood, fabric, composite, vinyl or aluminum.  They can be horizontal or vertical.  Shutters can be classified […]